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North Bay Charity Tournament

Event details

·         North Bay Charity Tournament Format


When: September 16th, 2017

Where:  North Bay, ON.  Location to be announced at a later date

Entrance Fee: 20$ (this fee will go towards lunch and helping support the North Bay Hospice)

Tournament Organizer: Eric Berger

Contact: Khain@mail.com (please send a e-mail stating interest in this tournament to this address so that the organizer can put you on the list of attending participants)


Prize support is to be provided by Games Workshop and North Bay Games and Hobbies




1500 pts


- No Forge world


All armies shall be built using 1 primary detachment to be chosen from the following detachments:

·         Battalion

·         Vanguard

·         Spearhead

·         Outrider

·         Super-heavy


Along with your primary detachment you may also take up to 2 of the auxiliary support detachments from the following list:

·         Troop

·         HQ

·         Elite

·         Fast

·         Heavy

·         Flyer

·         Dedicated transport

·         Super heavy (this choice may only be taken once)

·         Fortifications (this choice may only be taken once)


Note:  for every auxiliary support detachment you choose to add to your primary detachment you suffer -1 Command Point. 


When writing your army list please make sure you note which units are part of your primary detachment and which ones are auxiliary.  This is due to the fact that while all units in your primary detachment must be of the same faction your auxiliary detachments units do not.


The stratagems that will be permitted in this tournament shall only be those found on pg 242 of the main rule book.



In the case of modeling the following rules will be enforced:

-          Models should be WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) to prevent confusion during games

o       If this is not possible for what ever reason, please have a reasonably close conversion done

-          Models should be primed and on the proper size bases


-          Psychic powers shall be chosen and written on the army roster.  These powers shall not change though out the course of the tournament.

-          Warlord trait shall be chosen and written on the army roster.  This power shall not change though out the course of the tournament.


All players will be expected to have the following with them:

-          tape measure

-          dice

-          2 copies of their list (1 physical copy minimum for the TO to verify)

-          Appropriate reference material for their army and BRB


All players who contact the TO for this tournament shall be sent a list of possible missions and the deployment possibilities to expect on the day of the tournament so that they can practice before hand. 


Any information currently missing or that changes before the tournament shall be sent to everyone who indicates their intention to attend the tournament as soon as possible.


All army lists must be finalized and sent to the TO minimum one week before the date of the tournament.

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